David Corenswet and another man in tuxedoes


Superman Star David Corenswet Is Already Looking Jacked For DC Universe Debut
DC Studios’ new Superman actor David Corenswet is preparing for his role in “Superman: Legacy.” In a Facebook post by the Jon Schueler Foundation, Corenswet looks stronger.
The actor is clocking extensive gym hours to achieve Clark Kent’s stereotypically muscular physique. Though, a grueling exercise regimen is not uncommon for Superman actors.
Former Superman actor Henry Cavill worked out nearly three hours a day, five days a week and consumed 5,000 calories a day. Corenswet might be following a similar path.
Corenswet’s transformation could prove to be more impressive depending on when filming starts. The current release date for “Legacy” is July 11, 2025, but that might change.