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Kieran Culkin attends the "Succession" European Premiere during the 65th BFI London Film Festival he Royal Festival Hall.


Succession: Roman's Jab About Kendall's Kids In The Series Finale Solidifies His Evil

This story contains spoilers for "Succession" Season 4 Episode 10 — "With Eyes Open."

Roman Roy has done a lot of despicable things throughout “Successions'” four seasons, but his jab at Kendall’s kids in the series finale might take the cake.
Roman says that Logan Roy (Brian Cox) never viewed Kendall's kids as “real,” calling them a “pair of randos.” He also insinuates that one of them is a product of infidelity.
To say fans were shocked by what Roman said was an understatement, particularly because this revelation introduced a brand-new piece of information.
“Can we talk about what they said about Kendall's kids though? That was the most gasp-inducing moment for me,” @ismat wrote on Twitter.
@carolinerenard_ agreed: “Roman had that one in the chamber about Kendall's kids not being blood. He was ready to call them what Logan actually called them behind their backs.”
However, user @youdoingtoomuch put it best regarding fans' feelings about the scene.
“Roman is so nasty for the adoption and infidelity jokes he made about Kendall's kids like he really need to just be taken out back and put down like the animal he is.”