Ray Stevenson and Ivanna Sakhno looking up in Ashoka


Star Wars Theory Suggests Ahsoka’s Baylan Skoll Is From Our Universe

This story contains spoilers for “Ahsoka” Season 1, Episode 4 and Episode 7.

“Ahsoka” may have introduced a “Star Wars” fanboy from Earth living in its universe. Evidence supporting this theory is convincing when it comes to Baylan Skoll (Ray Stevenson).
Perhaps the strongest evidence supporting this theory is that Skoll seems aware of Earth’s culture. In “Ahsoka” Episode 7, he remarks, “Impatience for victory guarantees defeat.”
This is a quote from 17th-century French king Louis XIV, and in Episode 4, Skoll paraphrases Pablo Picasso. However, no one else in “Star Wars” knows Earth’s culture.
Skoll’s costume combines elements of the coolest, most imposing designs in the animated and live-action “Star Wars.” He also has a sweet beard and a unique orange lightsaber.
Skoll is capable of lightsaber-battling against Jedis or Sith. He’s the exact kind of overpowered character a fan might create if they had to live in the “Star Wars” universe.
Yoda (Frank Oz) and Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) pale in comparison to how well Skoll sees the cyclical nature of “Star Wars” stories and the essentials of its galaxy and history.
Skoll, the Dark Jedi, also has his own agenda that revolves around a power no one else seems to be aware of, and he seems like a guy who knows the entire Wookieepedia by heart.
Skoll and Hati are also named after two wolves in Norse mythology, which a superfan might draw inspiration from in search of cool “Star Wars” names for himself and his pupil.