AI generated Stormtrooper done in '90s anime style


Star Wars Becomes A ‘90s Anime Thanks To AI
Over the span of decades, fans of "Star Wars" have taken it upon themselves to reimagine the epic space saga and its universe in all different shades of color.
One passionate TikTok user is artist Caleb Riggs (@raiderspops) who, with the aid of artificial intelligence, has brought the galaxy far, far away to a new realm of imagination.
His slideshow, "What if Star Wars had a 90s Anime and it was rated M," features a selection of "Star Wars" images and characters rendered to replicate the nostalgic aesthetic.
From Darth Vader to Death Stars, the gallery employs a hand-painted cel look that utilizes lush colors, rich lighting, and gritty details akin to "Ghost in the Shell."
Many say the concept deserves to become an actual "Star Wars" project. @GageCarlson said, "A complete remake of the original trilogy in this style would go astronomically hard."
Others made similar statements, from passionate fans to lesser "Star Wars" aficionados, like @pausemix, who stated, "I probably would actually watch Star Wars."
Whether or not you're a fan of AI art, there's no denying that the force has been with Riggs, who has accumulated nearly 60,000 followers and 4 million likes on TikTok.