Captain Picard in Star Trek


Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Reason It Ended After Season 7
Despite its success, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” ended in 1994 as Paramount aimed to grow the franchise further, transitioning from TV to films.
In the mid-1990s, Paramount launched “Deep Space Nine” and “Voyager,” diversifying the “Star Trek” universe and focusing beyond just “The Next Generation.”
Rising production costs, financial issues, and the complexities of managing a large show library in the pre-streaming era also contributed to its conclusion.
The studio aimed to transition the “Next Generation” cast into film roles, mirroring the path of the original series cast, as seen in “Star Trek: Generations.”
The increasing expenses and the logistical issues of network TV led to the series’ end, and its selling directly to stations became less sustainable as the series and cast’s pay grew.
Despite its cancellation, “The Next Generation” remains a treasured part of the “Star Trek” franchise, enjoying success on streaming platforms and syndication.