Terry Farrell and Michael Dorn smiling in Deep Space Nine


Spock’s Death Is The Key To Dax’s Star Trek Return Says Terry Farrell
Jadzia Dax’s (Terry Farrell) death in “Deep Space Nine” was a heartbreaker. However, inspired by Spock’s (Leonard Nimoy) revival after death, Farrell believes Dax can return.
As long as Farrell lives, Dax’s death is a plot choice that can be undone. At the 56-Year Mission convention, Farrell said that Spock laid a blueprint for Dax’s resurrection.
She said, “I was actually thinking about how Spock died. Didn’t he melt? [...] Then he just came back ... and there he was. And Kirk kind of went, ‘Oh, there he is.’”
Farrell added, “And everyone nodded and said, ‘Yes, he’s back!’ I want that moment for me ... Exactly how you bring her back, it's no big f****** deal.”
Other “Star Trek” characters have been revived after death, such as Brent Spiner’s Data being brought back to life after dying in “Nemesis,” which adds credence to Farrell’s logic.
Farrell explained that she had retired from acting to raise her son in 2002. However, now that Farrell’s son is in college, she is looking to jump back into the Hollywood game.
She shared, “I got to do my new eight-by-ten. I'm very excited. Like, this [is] my life now. I reconnected with my manager. And we’ll see what happens.”