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Sex And The City
Fans Don't Hold
Back Their
Feelings About
The Reboot
As much as fans may have been ecstatic at the prospect of catching up with the beloved characters of “Sex And The City” in their later life, the revival, “And Just Like That,” has failed to live up to fan expectations. Here's what fans have to say about the revival — and they don't mince words.
Fans have taken to Reddit on several occasions to discuss the ways in which "And Just Like That..." isn't working for them, and one Redditor expressed their disappointment with the revival, saying they would have rather they decided to do a reunion special like "Friends" did. Another fan expresses that the show only worked on some level due to fans’ nostalgia for the original series.
Many fans have also been vocal about how they feel the show would have been better, suggesting that Miranda should have been a Law Professor instead of a lawyer going back to school and also wishing her marriage to Steve ended differently. Other comments recommended starting the show a few years after Big’s death and bringing back Carrie’s voice-over.
Critics were just as disappointed as the fans were with "And Just Like That..." — resulting in the 1st season of the series receiving just a 48% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes. One of the biggest gripes critics have had with the series is the forced manner in which it attempts to address relevant cultural touchstones, such as Black Lives Matter or gender fluidity.