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Secret Invasion’s Finale Is Disappointing MCU Fans

This story contains spoilers for “Secret Invasion” Season 1

“Secret Invasion,” a Disney+ Marvel series, has faced criticism for poor adaptation of the source material and a decline in quality compared to prior MCU shows.
Fans were also disappointed by the unexpected deaths of Maria Hill and Talos, two characters who contributed significantly to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
The finale was criticized for lacking a significant showdown, specifically between Fury and Gravik. “Secret Invasion” ended up being another conventional superhero battle.
"The #SecretInvasion finale basically ended up being what the She-Hulk finale was making fun of," @NovaMania17 posted on Twitter. Fans also missed certain fan-favorite characters.
"Me when the #SecretInvasion credits rolled with no daisy johnson in sight," lamented @sapphicrambeau. G’iah becoming the most powerful MCU character was another common complaint.
G'iah's ability to absorb all powers, making her and other powerful characters redundant, oversimplified conflicts and destabilized the MCU’s future.