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Saul Goodman's Best
One-Liners From
Better Call Saul

THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR the entire series of "Better Call SAul."


In Episode 8 of Season 3, "Slip," Jimmy threatens to sue the supervisor adding the line “Buddy, this is the land of the free and the home of the lawsuit.” With this quote, our anti-hero feels more like Saul Goodman than Jimmy McGill, weaponizing the law to get out of doing work.
Saul’s Take On America
In Season 3, Episode 2 while interviewing receptionists Jimmy drops the thoughtful one-liner “Perfection is the enemy of perfectly adequate,” as he's less concerned with finding perfection than someone who’s capable. The quip also plays into a key difference between Jimmy and Kim at this point in the series: Kim is meticulous and careful, while Jimmy is impulsive and flashy.
Saul’s Take on Perfection
In the pilot, Jimmy accidentally hits a scamming skateboarder who tries to blackmail him for $500, to which Jimmy replies, “The only way that entire car is worth $500 is if there is a $300 hooker sitting in it!” Aside from being hilarious the quip perfectly conveys to the kids that they had chosen the wrong mark.
Saul’s Take On Scams
At the beginning of Season 4, after Mike turns down Jimmy’s $9,000 Hummel heist he offers the job to Dr. Caldera, who’s also surprisingly hesitant. In an attempt to of the job's ease and efficiency Jimmy says, “Unless you have a large gold nugget traversing your colon, this is the easiest money you're ever gonna make.”
Saul’s Take On Opportunity
Throughout the timeline of the finale, as he faces the punishment for his crimes, flashbacks weave in and out, presenting three scenes of Jimmy with ghosts from his past: Mike Ehrmantraut, Walter White, and Chuck McGill. One common thread that links these flashbacks is the ultimate and desperately tragic question “What would you do if you had a time machine?”
Saul’s Take On Regret