Actress and comedian Sarah Silverman


Sarah Silverman's Star Trek Character Was Heartbreaking But Important
In Season 3, Episodes 8 and 9 of "Star Trek: Voyager," Sarah Silverman plays Rain Robinson, who finds the titular ship during her search for evidence of aliens in 1996 L.A.
She tells her boss Henry Starling, but she didn’t know he had stolen technology from the ship decades earlier because he plans to go to the 29th century to obtain other technology.
Since doing this will destroy the entire solar system in the 29th century, she teams up with the Voyager crew and stops Starling's scheme, saving the future inhabitants of Earth.
Near the end of her two-episode arc, Robinson kisses crewmember Tom Paris, only for nothing to come of their romance since Robinson remains in the past.
Producers intended for Robinson to join the Voyager crew, but she instead appears in the novels "The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume Two" and "Hearts and Minds."