LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 30: Robert Aramayo attends the "The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power" premiere party at British Museum on August 30, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)
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Robert Aramayo
Sheds Light On A
Younger Elrond
In Rings Of Power
Elrond is at the "Who am I?" moment in the "Rings of Power," according to Robert Aramayo. The actor explained that Elrond has many unresolved issues surrounding his family and his role as Gil-galad's herald, saying, "Right now, he's still unresolved, with his dad, and his mom, and his past, and his brother."
Unresolved past
Aramayo said, "In terms of our elves, he's the youngest elf that we see in the show," though the character is still around 60 years old when the show begins. "Right now, as I say, he's a politician, he's really trying to help his king to do his duty as he sees it, but there's those moments of the lingering mortality," said the actor.
Young for an elf
Though Galadriel is in Elrond's life in "The Rings of Power," there will be some conflict between Elrond's duty and their connection. Aramayo said, "She's a legend already to him and so he admires her, and that's where [he finds] that first difficult decision he has to make, which comes up a lot for Elrond of friendship and duty."
The half-elf Elrond will be under pressure to live up to expectations as both his parents were renowned for their service and his brother created the nation of Númenor. Aramayo shared, "He is connected, [and] his greatest decisions will come from that, will come from necessity, from need. That's where his choices come from, and love, emotionality."
Under pressure
Aramayo has a similar mentor relationship with Benjamin Walker (Gil-galad) as Elrond has with the Elven king. "If you look at the great achievements of Gil-galad, there [are] reflections of them in some of the deeds of Elrond, which me and Ben both really like. […] It's like art imitating life or something, Ben is a bit of a mentor to me," explained the actor.