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Henry Creel/One/Vecna is not only the big bad in "Stranger Things" Season 4, but he's also been a looming presence throughout the whole series. Despite the fact that nobody would invite Vecna to dinner, the sweet-as-can-be actor below the makeup, Jamie Campbell Bowers, would make anyone's guest list.

19. Vecna

More commonly known as "Papa" to Eleven, Dr. Brenner is inarguably the most detestable character in "Stranger Things." While most human characters in the series are not outright villains, there's no doubt that Dr. Brenner's intentions are wholly malicious.

18. Dr. Brenner
While Billy Hargrove is certainly unlikable throughout Season 2, he begins to fall into the gray area in Season 3 when his motives become more evident. While he never kills anyone, Billy has violent tendencies that could have gone too far — he would have killed Steve Harrington if the kids hadn’t stopped him.
17. Billy Hargrove
Jonathan Byers is not exactly unlikable, though he has gone through the least amount of growth. That's not to say that his life has been a walk in the park, but he needs to step outside of his generic older brother and boyfriend role, in order to become a more multi-dimensional character.
16. Jonathan Byers
Argyle comes into Season 4 as comic relief, and despite initially coming across as an unreliable stoner, his innate goodness makes him a character worthy of adoring. He could have easily been a forgettable character, but Eduardo Franco gives him plenty of heart to match his hilarious quips.
15. Argyle