Harry Potter in Pixar's animation style generated by AI


Pixar’s Harry Potter Movie Isn't Real - But It Should Be
There's a time and a place for AI — namely, goofing around on TikTok, and no title has been quite as popular for AI manipulation as "Harry Potter."
TikToker lunaa_slytherin shared a video called "What if Harry Potter was made by Pixar?" containing scenes from "Sorcerer's Stone" reimagined in the style of a Pixar animated film.
Iconic scenes such as Harry receiving mail from Hogwarts, Harry wearing the sorting hat, and even Harry standing in front of the Mirror of Erised are all featured.
Potter's image varies from photo to photo, but the slideshow still captures Pixar’s animation style as each character sports button noses and rosy red cheeks.
Sure, the events of "Harry Potter" are much darker than most Pixar films, but Pixar has never shied from including human tragedy, and the mashups are suited for each other tonally.