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Pee-wee Herman: What Happened & What Are Paul Reubens’ Latest Legal Issues?
Pee-wee Herman, whose given name is Paul Reubens, was one of the most popular children’s entertainers of the 1980s. His live stage show was adapted into a show and three films.
The long gap between the second (1988) and third (2016) films and the decision by CBS not to air the final five episodes of “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” in 1991 stem from his arrest.
The actor was arrested in Florida for exposing himself in an adult movie theater and for engaging in improper activities. His publicist, Richard Grant, denied the allegation.
Reubens maintained his innocence and eventually pled no contest to the charges, paid a small fine, and did community service, but his career as a child entertainer was ruined.
Reubens has made a few voice acting appearances, but he may soon be back in court. He has filed a lawsuit against James Comisar and his memorabilia company, the Comisar Collection.
According to the suit, Reubens loaned Comisar valuable props and set pieces from “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” with the agreement they would be displayed in a television museum.
Reubens says that Comisar never intended to build a museum, and has since auctioned off the items. Comisar asserts that Reubens gave the items to use as he pleased.
Comisar says that Reubens has no legal claim to the items and has spent a large amount to store them. Reubens is seeking the return of the items or $1 million in damages.