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The undeniable core of “Parks and Recreation” was Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), and although her bright, cheery, and caring demeanor could grate at times, she always meant well. Still, some of the show’s characters wound up at odds with Knope and found themselves on the bad side of the “Parks and Rec” fandom — but there was one enemy of hers whom fans adored.
Greg Pikitis was a prolific prankster who terrorized Pawnee with his annoying yet harmless practical jokes, but his tomfoolery sparked a feud between himself and Knope. Throughout the series, he manages to best her in ways big and small, yet many "Parks and Recreation" fans on Reddit can't help but enjoy his hijinks and Knope's responses to them.
"It just seemed like a funny thing that in her world, she would see a 15-year-old kid who vandalized parks and think of him as like a James Bond supervillain that she just had to destroy," co-creator Michael Schur explained during a panel at the Paley Center in 2009. Plus, Schur pointed out that Poehler’s intensity during the scenes took the humor to the next level.