Caitríona Balfe in Outlander


Outlander: Caitríona Balfe Sang Ave Maria In One Take For Season 7
“Outlander” is seven seasons in and is still finding new ways to give fans an emotional gut punch. That was the case in Season 7, Episode 3 when Claire Fraser sang “Ave Maria.”
The beautiful rendition took place in a funeral procession scene. It was also confirmed that Caitríona Balfe, who plays Claire Fraser, actually sang the song in one take.
In an interview with Decider, Balfe spoke about how the show’s writers decided to have Claire sing. She said, “They might have been able to pick an easier song, but they didn’t.”
She got some preparation with vocal coach Michael L. Roberts and it paid off. “In the moment, we did it in one long take, and I think we only did one take of it,” she said.
Balfe’s rendition isn’t perfect, but she and the creative team felt that added authenticity and realism to the moment since the character and actress are not professional singers.
The actress said, “It’s about the emotion of the moment, and it's about saying goodbye to a beloved character [...] You focus on that stuff, rather than how you sound.”