C. Thomas Howell and Obliterated co-star Terrence Terrell


Obliterated's Big Nude Scene Is Real But Producers Paid A High Price
C. Thomas Howell's nude scene in the first episode of "Obliterated" was originally meant to involve a prosthetic due to a no-nudity rider in Howell's contract.
Executive producer Jon Hurwitz explained to Comic Book that things went a different route when Howell changed his mind and decided to do the scene au naturel.
"In that first episode, you get to see quite a bit of C. Thomas Howell and our production spent $10,000 on making a prosthetic for him," said Hurwitz.
Howell ended up going against his no-nudity rider in his contract for "Obliterated," however, by fully committing to the scene and refusing to wear the prosthetic for the shoot.
"So Sony and Netflix had to get their lawyers to move quickly, [and] quickly adjust his nudity rider. He signed it, and then the rest is history," Hurwitz recalled.