David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane in Frasier


Niles' Ex-Wife Maris on Frasier Had a Really Horrible Ending
A running gag from the original “Frasier” was bringing up Niles' ex-wife, Maris. Although she was never on the show, Maris constantly caused him problems.
Niles would go on to pursue his love interest Daphne in earnest after his divorce, but some have wondered what became of Maris. As it turns out, she had a dark fate in store.
It's revealed in the show that Maris enters a relationship with an Argentinian polo player, whom she claims to have killed in self-defense.
Afterward, she escapes to a private island owned by her family where she can’t be extradited, meaning Maris has to spend the rest of her life there or else risk going to prison.
Given that Maris was an unseen character and is possibly still trapped on the island, it's likely that she won’t make an appearance in the “Frasier” revival.