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New Cobra Kai
Season 5 Trailer
Teases Epic
Conflicts Ahead
With its fifth season on the horizon, “Cobra Kai” continues to carry on the legacy of the “Karate Kid” film franchise. Not only does the nostalgia-fueled series pick up where Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence left off in the movies, but it also spotlights a brand new bunch of bright-eyed martial arts prodigies — so what can fans expect, based on the new Season 5 trailer?
The new season has a lot of ground to cover, as viewers will recall all of the shocking developments toward the end of Season 4 — from Terry Silver’s ascension as the leader of the Cobra Kai dojo to Miguel Diaz’s departure to Mexico to find his biological father. If Silver hopes to retain control of the dojo, he’ll need backup and might call upon some old friends for help.
One such friend could very well be "The Karate Kid Part III" villain Mike Barnes, who's confirmed to make his "Cobra Kai" debut in Season 5 thanks to a string of first-look images for the season. While it's unknown if he'll be on Silver's side this time around, fans are likely thrilled he’s popping up on the show. "Cobra Kai" Season 5 hits Netflix on September 9, 2022.