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Nearly 20% Of
Fans Think This Is
The Least Likable
Law & Order
As one of the longest-running series, the changes in "Law & Order" main cast members are always notable, and there are essentially eras of the series and specific casts that fans love most. However, almost 20% of fans in a recent survey agreed that one specific cast member over the years is certainly the least likable of anyone thus far.
According to a recent survey that Xoop conducted with over 600 United States-based fans of "Law & Order," about 19.58% believe that Jesse L. Martin's Detective Ed Green is the show's least likable character. It's possible that many fans didn't really like Detective Green all that much because of the way he went about his work.
Green is often aggressive in his handling of suspects, drawing his weapon on them without warning and attempting to get them to confess without reading them their Miranda warning. Throughout his tenure, Green also murdered someone, although it was revealed that it was in defense of someone else, and he finally quit the force in Season 18.