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Episode 6 of “Ms. Marvel” poignantly concluded Kamala Khan’s superhero origin story, and it's capped off by an incredible post-credits scene that sees Carol Danvers teleporting into Kamala's poster-filled bedroom. Unfortunately, when Danvers arrives, Kamala is suddenly nowhere to be found, leading many fans online to speculate about exactly what has happened to her.
The scene in question sees Kamala Khan's bangle glowing mysteriously for a moment before a burst of mystical energy throws her through a doorway, implicating that she either just transformed into Danvers, or that the two have actually swapped places entirely. A fan on Reddit wrote, “I thought she accidentally shapeshifted into Captain Marvel."
Most fans agree that Kamala swapped places with Danvers, but there were a few fans that thought otherwise. Another Redditor said, "it's pretty clear Carol realizes she's in some fan room by her reaction and not Kamala shapeshifting." Hopefully, the upcoming film "The Marvels" will give us some clarification.