Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing in Friends


Matthew Perry Proved He Was a Huge Batman Nerd in the Best Way
By Xoop Staff
When the late actor Matthew Perry told GQ what 10 items he absolutely couldn't do without, his list was dominated by Batman memorabilia, with a Batman watch claiming the top spot.
He also had a room full of statues and other themed items dedicated to the Dark Knight. That lair lived in an 9,300-square-foot penthouse he purchased for $20 million in 2017.
Perry's love of Batman began in earnest with the Christopher Nolan films, although he also told GQ that Michael Keaton was most likely his favorite actor.
Perry never seemed eager to keep his superhero alter-ego a secret. He sometimes wore his Batman pants to bed and said he could look at them to remind himself of who he was.
Much like the Dark Knight, the actor was a night owl, and on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", he said he would fill those late, waking hours with eBay searches for Batman-related offers.