Maya Lopez, aka Echo, on a motorbike


Marvel Makes A Big Change To The MCU After Phase 4's Bad Reviews
During a press junket for "Echo" on Disney+, executive producer Brad Winderbaum explained that the team at Marvel Studios had learned a lot from the past struggles of Phase 4.
He added that, "We're primarily a filmmaking company. [...] our first round of shows have a very movie-like structure: [...] they feel like a standalone limited series."
With the MCU still in the midst of a prolonged slump in early 2024, it was clear that the current mix of movies and movie-like limited series wasn't working.
Winderbaum declared that the studio was going to pivot. He detailed what this would look like, stating, "Moving forward, our content is going to feel a lot more like television."
The "Echo" episode count, which stands at five total installments, already signals a break from Disney+ MCU precedence, with most earlier series coming in at the six-episode mark.