Jonathan Majors as Kang smiling


Marvel Fires Avengers 5 Writer and Axes Kang's MCU Story [REPORT]
Speaking on the "House of R" podcast, journalist Joanna Robinson revealed that an unnamed source had confirmed to her that screenwriter Jeff Loveness has been fired from Marvel.
Marvel had originally hired Loveness to write the upcoming "Avengers: The Kang Dynasty," but the studio now plans to scrap Kang the Conqueror as the primary antagonist of the MCU.
Robinson, known for her in-depth reporting on the MCU, clarified that while Marvel hasn’t officially confirmed the change, they are done trying to make the Kang storyline work.
While multiple factors have stymied the studio's plans, the most glaring issue appears to be Kang himself, as his actor Jonathan Majors has been arrested on assault charges.