Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas in Manifest


Manifest's Ending Was Perfect But It Also Broke The Cast
This story contains spoilers for "Manifest" series finale.
In its series finale, "Manifest" gives its morally just characters the second chance they deserve. We see all the core survivors back on the plane that changed their lives.
The survivors find themselves transported back in time, so rather than going missing for five years on Flight 828, the characters land safely to live out those years.
The ending came as a shock to the characters and the actors who played them. Melissa Roxburgh, who plays Michaela, spoke about her reaction to the finale.
Roxburgh told Netflix, "Ellen [Tamaki] and I were at a bar and we were reading the script on our phone, a drink in, and we both just started crying."
Jeff Rake, the show's creator, recently revealed that he had a good idea about how it would end, but "riffing long and hard with [his] excellent staff of writers" tied it together.
Josh Dallas, who plays Ben, shared, "It's a great ending for the show and for some of our core characters."
As hard as it was for Roxburgh and co. to say goodbye to "Manifest," they all did it with the belief that they were capping off its story with a surprising and satisfying bang.