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Lucifer Fans Make
It Abundantly
Clear Who Their
Least Favorite
Character Is
"Lucifer" came to an end back in 2021, yet fans continue to express their love for the titular character to this day. That said, it also meant that other characters weren’t as well-liked, but there was one character on the series who was unanimously loathed by the show's fan base.
Every hero needs a villain to go up against, and for Lucifer, his conniving, scheming, power-hungry twin brother Michael was that menace. Although Tom Ellis played both brothers, some fans on Reddit believe that Michael was the worst character to ever grace "Lucifer."
One user wrote, "It's a testament to Tom Ellis' skill as an actor that you can adore Lucifer and absolutely loathe Michael. Such a slimy insecure creep." Another Redditor agreed with this sentiment, stating that the writers should have "killed him off" because everyone hated the character.