Rhea Perlman


It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 16: Why Dee's Neighbor Looks So Familiar
Fans of “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” may have noticed that the angry neighbor in the show’s season 16 trailer looks familiar. The actress is Rhea Perlman, a sitcom legend.
Rhea Perlman began her career on the stages of New York City in 1970, but her first notable role was a recurring part on the series “Taxi,” where she played Zena.
She played the former girlfriend of Louie De Palma (Danny DeVito) but went on to marry another man. The two actors were a real-life couple for several years at that point.
Perlman’s most well-known role was as the bar worker Carla Tortelli in “Cheers.” As one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, it catapulted her to national recognition.
She was one of only three cast members who appeared in every episode, and was nominated for an Emmy each year, except 1992. She garnered a total of 10 nominations, winning four.
She starred in a supporting role in the film “Matilda” as Matilda’s selfish mother, Zinnia. The movie was a smashing success and reinvigorated Perlman’s career.
This role had her opposite Danny DeVito again, her real-life husband at the time. The couple had already been married for over a decade when “Matilda” was released.
After decades of success in supporting roles, Perlman starred in her own titled, “Pearl.” She played Pearl Caraldo, a widowed, middle-aged woman who wants a college degree.
The show was well-received, but it declined in the later episodes. The broader consensus agreed the show was headed in the right direction, but CBS canceled it after one season.
The Mindy Project
From 2014 to 2017, Perlman took on the recurring role of Annette Castellano on “The Mindy Project.” She plays the mother of Mindy’s (Kaling) love interest, Danny (Chris Messina).
She appeared infrequently but was equally ferocious in her role. She has since done TV guest appearances and voicework, but you can look for her in the upcoming “Barbie” film.