Marty Ligana holding human remains in a dig near the Money Pit


Is The Curse of Oak Island Mystery Solved According To Authorities?
While "The Curse of Oak Island" addresses many legends related to its titular location in Nova Scotia, the most intriguing piece of hearsay out there has to do with the show itself.
Though the Lagina brothers' hunt for treasure remains ongoing as of 2023, various sources claim that authorities on the matter consider Oak Island’s mystery solved.
A Google search yields results like a YouTube video from Discovr saying that "a team of super smart scientists armed with super-duper technology" have cracked the Oak Island case.
While it may be the belief that Oak Island holds no further mysteries, no authoritative body has come forward and said that the case is over.
The official word, as far as "The Curse of Oak Island" goes, is that the treasure hunt will continue until it can be definitively proven that there is or isn't a hidden treasure.