Quaker Oats box


Is That Really Eli Manning's Dad In The Quaker Oats Commercial?

In August 2023, Quaker Oats launched a series of commercials featuring Eli Manning, showcasing the charming dynamic he shares with his family.

Manning's real-life father, Archie, and two of his daughters star in two commercials. The first, entitled "Heart," sees Eli and Archie describe how heart-healthy Quaker Oats are.

In the second spot, "Breakfast Playcall," Eli assigns his daughters specific Quaker products based on their activity. He and his dad jinxed each other by taking the same flavor.

Shooting the commercials was a joyous experience for Manning, who told USA Today, "Two of my kids were involved in it, so we had a lot of fun."

These ads are not the first time Manning and Quaker have partnered. Over the years, they have teamed up to promote healthy living and tackle food insecurity issues.