Fan art of Iron Man from Avengers Endgame


Iron Man's Endgame Death Is Sadder Than You Think Says One Marvel Theory
The conclusion to "Avengers: Endgame" starts with the "portals" sequence where Doctor Strange brings in Pepper Potts and the other heroes to resist Thanos' time-traveling armies.
Discussing this moment, X user @MrNiceGuy513 made the intriguing observation that "Doctor Strange brought Pepper to the battle because he knew Tony was gonna die."
Yes, she helps protect the universe from Thanos, but according to the brief theory, she may have also been there to rescue Stark in a way that only Potts could.
Strange had the foresight to see Tony’s imminent fate, and knew that Pepper needed to be there to help Tony accept that he could rest after his Infinity Gauntlet-powered heroics.
It's a moving theory that Strange made this one husband-and-wife connection, which doubtlessly gave both Tony and Pepper the closure they needed in the end.