Iron Man suit from Marvel's Iron Man movie


Iron Man Suits From Different Countries Created By AI

TikTok user Planet AI posted a video in early 2023 that offers takes on Iron Man's armor as if it were themed around 14 different countries.

The Brazil, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan Iron Men are all different shades of the same design, merely offering palette swaps.

The pure white France variant is gorgeous, and Australia Iron Man deserves praise for wearing camouflage because it implies that even Stark is afraid of the outback.

The remaining six designs — China, Egypt, Greece, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico — all play with the aesthetic even more by changing the familiar shape of the armor.

Greece Iron Man's chromatic musculature is reminiscent of Ultron. Saudi Arabia Iron Man literally takes the gold with its beautifully intricate armor.