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Ink Master
Season 14:
What We
Know So Far
2020 was a rough year for “Ink Master” fans: photos emerged of judge Oliver Peck in blackface resulting in his dismissal from the show, and COVID-19 prevented the contestants and crew from coming together to film the live finale. Shortly after, Paramount announced Season 14 was not being greenlit while they focused on scripted programming.
However, in an effort to entice people to subscribe to its new platform, Paramount+, a report indicates that the company has decided to proceed after all with "Ink Master" Season 14. A release date has not been set.
More than likely, the upcoming season will feature a new crop of tattoo artists who are all vying for the chance to win a ton of money and the title of "Ink Master." The aspect that isn’t clear, at this point, is who will be judging their talents.