BURBANK, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 18: Raegan Revord and Lance Barber attend the Premiere Of Warner Bros. 100th Episode Of "Young Sheldon" at Warner Bros. Studios on March 18, 2022 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
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How Young
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George And Missy's
The story arc of “Young Sheldon” is made even more compelling and hilarious by the argumentative nature of Sheldon Cooper’s family. However, while most of the characters have their disagreements, fans believe that the relationship between George and his daughter, Missy, is actually quite sweet.
George would rather watch football than hang out with his sons, but he has plenty of time for Missy. The pair have shared plenty of wholesome bonding moments on "Young Sheldon," and fans of the show can't get enough of them. According to a recent Reddit poll, viewers believe that George and Missy have the best relationship of the bunch.
For one Redditor, George and Missy's dinner dates at Red Lobster are among some of the show's sweetest moments. Another user echoed this sentiment, but also expressed some concerns about their relationship, saying, "[George and Missy] is just such a wholesome and lovely father-daughter relationship. Really hope it doesn't get destroyed in the future."