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How Will The Rings of Power Season 2 Debut A
Second Sauron?

ARON PAKAmazon Studios' “The Rings of Power” Season 2 will feature two different forms of Sauron, as confirmed by the fansite Fellowship of Fans.

Shortly after the first season had aired, Twitter user @DrNosy hinted at the second Sauron form, claiming the character would be called Annatar.

The Twitter post also added the tag, “It is not confirmed yet whether there will be a new actor or if Charlie Vickers will play both roles.”

Sauron's ability to take on different forms comes from being a spiritual being that came into Arda (the world), and his incorporeal form can don various earthly forms.

Throughout Middle-earth history, Sauron adopts various forms, such as a black-armored humanoid, the Necromancer, and the “Eye” persona.

In “The Silmarillion,” Sauron shifts from wolf to serpent and eventually into a bat-shaped vampire, demonstrating his shapeshifting abilities.

With two Saurons in the series, the show’s creators will need to navigate the complex lore while crafting their unique storyline.

A new Sauron form may be necessary for the plot, as the character must maintain his disguise while continuing his agenda in Season 2.