Travis Kelce in a suit and sunglasses


How Travis Kelce's Subway Commercial Unified Fans

Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce teamed up with fellow player Patrick Mahomes to promote Subway's new footlong cookie, bringing his fans together.

The commercial sees Mahomes describe the new cookie as his favorite sidekick, which leaves Kelce silent and dejected. As expected, fans are having strong reactions to the ad.

X user @Dm21202451 wrote, "God bless Travis kelce and his ability to make us feel so sad for him..." @CarmenPettie wrote, "The look on Travis's face is hilarious!!"

While the feedback is mostly positive, some NFL fans are tired of seeing Kelce in commercials, since his relationship with Taylor Swift has brought him further into the spotlight.

"I think we are seeing too much of [Kelce]..." X user @rbarnard01 wrote. Another fan, @oriolesfan833, chimed in, "We see them until nauseam sets in during football games."