(Boston, MA, 02/14/15) Wicked Tuna's Tyler McLaughlin shakes hands with Karen Bunch, a fan from Reading, as TJ Ott (left) signs an autograph at the New England Boat Show. Saturday, February 14, 2015. Staff photo by John Wilcox. (Photo by John Wilcox/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images)
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How Much Does
The Wicked Tuna
Cast Get Paid?
For 130 episodes, National Geographic’s “Wicked Tuna” has allowed fans to witness captains pursue their goal of catching as much bluefin tuna as they can. While a bluefin can net them more than $20,000, how much do they actually get paid for appearing on national TV?
Each cast member receives a different salary, depending on their experience within the industry, and how well the show is performing. When the show first started, each boat would receive between $2,000 - $3,000 per episode and, as the show grew in popularity, cast members started making $10,000 per episode.
Captains get paid the most, with Captain TJ Ott receiving a reported $100,000 per episode. Captain Dave Carroro gets paid $83,000 per episode and has the highest total net worth of $600,000, and Captain Kevin Leonowert reportedly holds the lowest net worth at a quarter million dollars.