American actor Michael Keaton on the set of Batman, directed by Tim Burton.


How Marvel Could Bring Batman & Superman To The MCU

DC's most famous heroes, Superman and Batman, will enter the public domain in 2034 and 2035, respectively. This has fans wondering if the characters could come to the MCU.

While Marvel and Disney could technically use Batman and Superman once they enter the public domain, they could only use the original versions of the characters.

If Disney brought Batman to the MCU, it could only use traits from his 1939 appearances at first, such as his cape and cowl, color palette, utility belt, and Bruce Wayne identity.

"Marvel just has to be careful not to incorporate any of DC's adaptations or other protected property and stick to the original depiction[s]," lawyer Tre Lovell told Xoop.

"DC may also have trademark rights [...] to the extent that using a character in a similar fashion as DC may confuse the public into thinking that it's a DC character," he added.

While Marvel would absolutely be able to use DC characters like Batman and Superman, it might not be worth the hassle due to the treacherous territory of DC's many trademarks.