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How Historically Accurate Is Netflix's The Last Kingdom?
Netflix’s historical drama, “The Last Kingdom,” chronicles the conflict between the Saxons and Vikings that eventually led to the creation of England and is based on historical novels known as “The Saxon Stories” by historian Bernard Cornwell. The show follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon) in his quest for revenge.
Fans might wonder how historically accurate the tale is; unfortunately, “The Last Kingdom” is more fiction than authentic retelling. Professor Ryan Lavelle, the show’s historical advisor, compares the portrayal as a compromise between fact and fiction, explaining, “The evidence for our period is limited, so we always have to play with history to an extent.”
Writers had to blend limited facts with fiction for the series; however, some of the show’s depictions are just plain inaccurate. One of the most egregious historical inaccuracies in the series is Uhtred, the fictional character created by Cornwell and loosely based on Uhtred the Bold — a figure who lived in an entirely different century than the show’s setting.