LOS ANGELES - APRIL 1998:  Actress Anne Heche poses for a portrait in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images)
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How Harrison Ford
Helped To Save
Anne Heche's
Career After It
Took A Major Hit
Anne Heche died at the age of 53 on August 12 after a week in a coma following a car accident, but she left behind an impressive legacy of work and is best known for starring alongside Harrison Ford in “Six Days, Seven Nights” in 1997. She had a lot of admiration for her old co-star, and in 2020, she told Entertainment Tonight, “He fought a battle for me, and I would be on any desert island with him any day.”
When Anne Heche brought her then-partner, Ellen DeGeneres, to the "Volcano" premiere in 1997, they were one of the first publicly out LGBTQIA+ couples in Hollywood, and not everyone reacted with kindness and acceptance. She was told that she wasn’t going to get the “Six Days, Seven Nights” role because she came out, but Ford backed her up.
Ford told her, “Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn who you're sleeping with. We're gonna make the best romantic comedy there is, and I'll see ya on the set.” Heche would go on to star alongside Vince Vaughn in the remake of "Psycho" the following year, but she sacrificed many career opportunities while paving the way for others to be more open about their relationships.