Dungeon Master set up for a DnD session


How Dimension 20's Shirtgate Became A Huge (And Funny) DnD Scandal
On October 17, 2018, "Dimension 20" Dungeon Master Brennan Lee Mulligan wore a seemingly innocent red and blue striped shirt on Episode 5 of their "Fantasy High" series.
Over the next few years, Mulligan would become a repeat offender, wearing the same red and blue shirt across multiple CollegeHumor productions, and fans started to take notice.
Things heated up for Mulligan when d20closet, an Instagram account that posts the fashion worn by the cast of "Dimension 20," revealed he's worn it at least once in every campaign.
Twitter user @starmeIo compiled video evidence against the DM, while d20closet returned with a second post, revealing Mulligan wore the shirt yet again on his own Instagram.
"Dimension 20" acknowledged the claims, commenting on d20closet's post and commending them for their find. Mulligan also replied to the damning evidence, writing, "I'm ruined."