MacKenzie crouching on the ground.


How Bluey Season 3 Used The Sad Space Episode To Explain Adult Trauma To Kids

“Bluey” is a popular children's show known for tackling complex subjects in a child-friendly manner. Season 3's 35th episode, “Space,” is particularly impactful.

In this episode, MacKenzie, Jack, and Rusty play as Space Explorers, but MacKenzie keeps withdrawing, seemingly affected by a past traumatic experience.

The episode subtly handles the complexity of trauma through MacKenzie, who revisits a moment when he briefly lost his mother as a puppy.

The episode intentionally leaves its themes open to interpretation, allowing parents and kids to openly discuss their feelings and experiences like loneliness or losing a parent.

After some online confusion about the episode, Ludo, the show's production company, stated that each episode allows for multiple interpretations by the audience.

Ultimately, “Space” helps facilitate discussions integral to a child's emotional development, like feelings associated with experiences like loneliness or losing a parent.