Michael Jackson performs during halftime of a 52-17 Dallas Cowboys win over the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVII on January 31, 1993 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena California.
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At the height of his career, Michael Jackson created an ambitious anthology feature film, 1988's "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker,” which acts as a collection of experimental short films that chronicle Jackson's career over the years or act as long-form music videos to songs from his 1987 album "Bad." The film remains a cult classic, one that is easy to find for fans old and new alike.
Audiences can view Jackson’s signature dance moves and see some of his most popular songs in a new light on Amazon Prime, where the movie can either be rented or purchased. As told by Jackson's manager at the time, Frank DiLeo, in a behind-the-scenes documentary, the film was conceived by Jackson when the artist was creating a storyline around his song, "Smooth Criminal."
This concept expanded over time, as what began as a short story became a feature film that saw several Jackson songs receive their own narratives to be included. Jackson fully financed the film, giving him complete creative control, and would work on it while simultaneously balancing his hectic "Bad" tour and producing his album of the same name.