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Here's How Joker
Director Todd
Phillips Could
Impact DC Films
According to an unnamed source, Warner Brothers Discovery president David Zaslav has asked Todd Phillips to take on a larger role in the context of the DC Universe. The source went on to explain that Zaslav has discussed the possibility of Phillips serving as an advisor on the DC Universe, clarifying that Phillips would not be taking on an executive role.
As such, the report seems to indicate that Phillips' potential role at DC would be very different from that of Marvel's Kevin Feige. The difference here makes sense, as Feige has demonstrated a vast knowledge of the comics, the report clarifies that Phillips is not "an expert" on DC characters.
Considering how much the DCEU has struggled to recreate the interwoven nature of the MCU, it seems natural that the studio would shift its focus toward solo endeavors. Phillip's unique perspective on comic book films has definitely impacted the executives from DC, who continue struggling to figure out what exactly to do with their universe.