Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight


Heath Ledger's Original Joker Designs In The Dark Knight Are Terrifying
Heath Ledger's outstanding performance as the Joker in "The Dark Knight" was both terrifying and funny, but there was a chance that the character could have been even scarier.
Concept artist Rob Bliss's original designs, posted on ArtStation, feature the Joker in his classic purple suit with sunken eyes and wielding a bronze switchblade.
The design has the villain's dirty white collared shirt stained dark, with excessive facial scarring and short, spiky green hair to complete his harrowing look.
Although the Joker has sunken eyes and dark makeup in "The Dark Knight," they aren't the horror-level black eyes that Bliss gave him in the initial design.
More notably, Bliss' Joker lacks the big red lipstick grin of the final version, and he also has a thicker coat of powder-white makeup than Ledger's cracked and peeling visage.
Fans were enthusiastic about Bliss's design on X. "Remember what they took from us," wrote @C4ssiow. User @Awgegambino agreed, writing, "This is sick omg."
Meanwhile, @NerdPaulNYC pointed out how the "unkempt hair," "imperfect makeup, and mismatched, rundown clothes" made the film's final version superior.