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Has Gandalf
Appeared In The
Rings of Power?
THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" Episodes 1 and 2.


Now that the “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” has dropped there is one part of this sprawling fantasy that will no doubt have viewers scratching their heads. The arrival of The Stranger (David Weyman) has some wondering if he'll become the legendary wizard and guardian of Middle-earth, Gandalf.
While the character hasn't revealed their name, our first look at him hints at all the essential physical attributes. Towering over the brave little halfling that is a descendant of Hobbits, his tall frame works perfectly under the long grey cloak he's been given. There's also what looks to be the essential facial feature that makes Gandalf who he is — a great big bushy beard!
Looking past the physical details, though, a few more character traits are on display, as his skills and bellows are both reminiscent of Gandalf. We also see The Stranger whispering to the fireflies to help him show a constellation of stars, which is the same method Gandalf used when he asked a moth to summon The Eagles. Both instances feel like a particular set of skills crossing over the gray areas in all the right ways.
However, when it comes to Gandalf's arrival in the books, he doesn't roll into town until The Third Age, so this potential Mr. Grey is appearing far too early by Tolkien's count. Then again, given that Durin IV could be digging himself a hole in Khazad-dûm, which could lead to the Balrog, might the show tamper with the history books of Hobbits and the like on a grander scale than anticipated?