Lizze Broadway smiling in Gen V


Gen V Episode 1 Makes The Boys’ Most Graphic Scene Even Grosser

This story contains spoilers for Season 1, Episode 1 of “Gen V.”

The new Amazon Prime Video series “Gen V” has many notable gross-out moments. The series premiere has a cringeworthy scene that tops another revolting scene from “The Boys.”
In “Gen V,” Emma Meyer, aka The Cricket (Lizze Broadway), secures the hook-up she spent her first days at Godolkin University pining for, and she’s ready to get down with a fan.
Unfortunately, the fan is only interested in doing the deed if Emma uses her powers to shrink down to Ant-Man size so that a certain part of him looks bigger by comparison.
As viewers watch Emma hold onto his appendage, they’ll likely think back to “The Boys” episode “Payback,” in which the shrinking supe Termite (Brett Geddes) confronts a big member.
The “Gen V” scene is just as uncomfortable to watch as the “Payback” scene on a purely visceral level. However, “Gen V” goes a step further and shows almost the entire appendage.
“Gen V” even shows Cricket stomping on the fan’s testes while dangling from the shaft, but it doesn’t invite us to laugh the same way “The Boys” does with Termite’s fatal sneeze.
Although Termite ends up in a pool of blood, “The Boys” fans are more used to gore than giant-sized genitals. That being said, both “The Boys” and “Gen V” scenes are grimly funny.