385848 15: Cast Members Of NBC's Comedy Series "Friends." Pictured (L To R): David Schwimmer As Ross Geller, Jennifer Aniston As Rachel Cook, Courteney Cox As Monica Geller, Matthew Perry As Chandler Bing, Lisa Kudrow As Phoebe Buffay And Matt Leblanc As Joey Tribbiani.  (Photo By Getty Images)
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In addition to playing Rachel’s overbearing father, Liebman had a long and distinguished career in movies, television, and on stage which included a Tony Award for his work in “Angels in America.” Liebman passed away in December of 2019 of pneumonia complications at the age of 82.
Ron Liebman
Played by prolific character actress Conchata Ferrell, the judge who denies Ross and Rachel their annulment might only be on screen for one episode, but she's unforgettable. Ferrell died in October 2020 after suffering from heart issues earlier in the year, at the age of 77.
Conchata Ferrell
Monica has a spirited exchange with Allesandro after she eviscerates his restaurant in a review, but the fight leads to her career as a chef. Negron, who memorably brought Allesandro to life, was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2008 and succumbed to the illness in January 2015 at the young age of 57.
Taylor Negron
In "The One Where Ross is Fine" Phoebe introduces Monica and Chandler to Colleen and her husband Bill, so the Geller-Bings can get all the inside info on adoption. Colleen actress Kellie Waymire passed away in 2003 of a sudden undisclosed illness at the young age of 36, just one month after her episode aired.
Kellie Waymire
In "The One With the Breast Milk," Joey competes for the affections of a coworker with a fellow perfume sprayer working for Hombre Cologne. Tragically, Hombre Man actor Joel Beeson died at the age of 51 in October 2017 of a congenital liver disease he had been struggling with for some time.
Joel Beeson