Michelle Keegan as Maya Stern in Fool Me Once


Fool Me Once: Netflix's Limited Series Is Blowing Up Right Now
According to Netflix's Top 10 Global TV chart for the week of January 21, 2024, the British murder mystery series, "Fool Me Once," has racked up 71.7 million hours watched.
Given those impressive numbers, it’s no surprise that the limited series has been among Netflix's Top 10 most-viewed TV shows since it debuted on New Year's Day 2024.
Based on the mystery novel of the same name by author Harlan Coben, "Fool Me Once" stars Michelle Keegan as an ex-British special forces officer named Maya Stern.
While trying to move on from a tragic incident in her military career, Maya is also reeling from the shooting death of her husband, Joe Burkett.
Thinking she's seen Joe after his death on a nanny cam visiting their young daughter, Maya begins to investigate whether her late husband is alive and in hiding.
Perhaps the most amazing thing about the popularity of "Fool Me Once" on Netflix is that most of the actors are relatively unknown to American audiences.