Final Top Gun: Maverick Trailer Hits All The Right High Notes


The wildly anticipated sequel “Top Gun: Maverick” was supposed to come out in 2019, but it was delayed to allow more time to work out the flying sequences, and the COVID-19 pandemic pushed it back again. However, it looks like we'll finally see the next chapter of this story on May 27, 2022, and its new trailer is giving fans a lot to be excited about.

For starters, Maverick has a new love interest in the form of Penny Benjamin, played by Jennifer Connelly. This means we won’t be seeing Kelly McGillis’ Charlie Blackwood, whom Maverick wooed to the tune of Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away.”

However, Val Kilmer will be back, reprising his role as Iceman. Rounding out the cast are Miles Teller as Lt. Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw — the son of Goose — Jon Hamm as Vice Admiral Cyclone, Glen Powell as Hangman, and Ed Harris as Rear Admiral, to name a few.