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The hit Fox animated sitcom "Family Guy" has been poking fun at American life in its own twisted manner since its debut in 1999. While the gags themselves can be hit or miss, there are times when they can elicit some strong reactions and one such example happened when the show decided to poke fun at one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most beloved heroines.
In the episode "Our Idiot Brian," the show makes a jab at a key Avengers member. When Stewie says Brian is as useless as Black Widow, the show cuts to her standing before the other original six Avengers and Thor makes fun of her because her only superpower is kicking which is something they can all do.
Fans had a field day with the gag on social media, where one of the top-rated comments read "She isn't useless. She can be sacrificed for an infinity stone," referring to her sacrifice in "Avengers: Endgame." Other users commented on the irony of the unpowered Hawkeye judging amongst the team.